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Carpet Cleaning


Commercial Carpet & Floor Care services

Trained to the highest standards of the NCCA and IICRC, our technicians are equipped with the knowledge, experience and expertise to transform the look of your carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

We follow a thorough 8 stage deep cleaning process:

  1. Carpet Assessment of fibres, stains, fitting & condition of fabric
  2. Pre vacuuming Commercial vacuum cleaners deep clean dry soil that are usually left behind with general vacuuming
  3. Pre Spray with a traffic cleaner for heavily soiled areas
  4. Mechanical Agitation of the pre spray deep into the carpet fibre using a rotary pad machine or manual rake
  5. Spot & Stain removal using best techniques for stubborn areas
  6. Hot Water Extraction of soil and solutions using 600 psi pressure sucking moisture leaving a clean finish
  7. Grooming of carpet fibres using a rake so carpets are left cleaner and looking brighter
  8. Drying of carpet. Commercial Turbo Dryers may be used so you can start using the carpets quicker

Low Moisture or Dry Method Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpets produced from delicate, natural and antique fabrics, then you need our dry carpet cleaning system.

Materials like hemp, sisal, jute, sea grass, coir and ramie are water sensitive so we use dry, biodegradable cleanser which achieves wonderful long lasting results with zero down time.

On a daily basis your carpets are being subjected to heavy wear and tear, which will affect the appearance of your premises. Commercial carpet cleaning every six months to a year will help you to prolong the life of your carpet, protect your investment and improve the look of your facilities.

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